Cosmos Cafe

the wandering muses
inherent, desiring
driving me to sea-sides, sunflower plains
Ragusa, Odessa, Napoli
suddenly seat themselves here, in Paris
mother of all tramping souls
the average and divine
corporate broker, garage sweeper
poet maligned, ex-sportsman, housewife
time bathes them equally
by the Seine
unrushed emblem to everyman
his idyllic nature—hers
apparent in the slow climb of stairs
towards Montmartre, where the doves live
in speckled paint
apparent in every seductive brasserie
in the plump conveyors of boulangerie
in the angled forms of optician shops
in the inviting lawns of city gardens
individuals pursue happiness
and find it communes
in Paris!
navigating animal scent
sauntering imperceptible stares
at every peek, on every bench
the citadel of light:
I can fall now
there’s no despair below,
but flight!

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