Rabelais unbound

café patrons
familiar with apertifs
cigarettes and daily papers
hunched up all shoulders
and wrinkles
on tables
museum books of Monet
their intellectual fetishes
sensual drinks
waiting to be so tickled—
the various pursuits of pride
gathered in long coats
stern resolutions momentarily revoked
lifetimes of learning whittled down
to the wafting nose
the fine print
the elastic highs and lows—
outside the storm
pillared forms of Jovial Gods
flex rotund muscle
grasp and seize desire
hold steady the halls of culture
the young pave the roads
itching all over
striding the earth
erect in tandems—
it is their world to suck and fondle
to squeeze loose the fat and collide
in a constant tune of seduction
reform the transcendent qualities
of God and Beauty and Truth
outward prowl
in one seeming release
the old long for such function
birth young into being
only to loathe them
abdicate the throne early
retire to shadowy salons
where the musky pages of
Rabelais turn
and the skin arouses under

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