Apollonian delight

Oh nocturnal hours, spinning vinyl!
hearing the bow of Rostropovich
carve out the muse of Bach
the static stick of time
the earth in its merciful orbit—

I wish for no progress
no fruitful missions
no golden years, no domestic bliss
only contact with that or this
the burning infinite
great spirit, absolving
human folly with laughter—

I have no labor!
each day a new interpretation
of same old want
I’m determined by no relation
called to no duty
free to follow the unwinding notes
twirled heavenward
on some spiral stair—

how they grant delight
feed a hungry soul
all temperaments bow beneath
such composition
all become solemn
the notes finding and unfinding
unlocking bending
the mind a pliant will—

human kind may assemble
under such a spell
and rival the great forests—

there is nothing that can’t be endured

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