Confidence acts

she sits Japanese style on a tiger rug
amber tea rests in a ceramic bowl atop a
the German Shepherd cracks his teeth on
a dug-up tailbone
koto strings are plucked with deliberation
each note well traveled from suns and moons
to arrive at this innocent ear drum
a finch sings atop the clothesline
crack in the door allows his voice
to enter
and outward, from vinyl somehow
the chirpings of human finger
human want—
bellow the cut open oak

like the rising and falling tones
of the finch
soothes from beak to beak
and cannot halt a moving car
shall I sing so fluid
to go unnoticed?
a thousand birds in the pines, but
not mine, not mine!

the satyr roams pastoral elements in cloven hoof
I looked for him by the giant tennis courts
found him by a picnic bench, soldered to
the earth
an Oldsmobile passed, windshield pollen soaked
quick, the galled face of a burgundy monk
wiping clean a view

straining my eyes to register
green street signs, pedestrian as
“Bob”, immoral as “Cortez”
have walked all the roads of this city
passed under no arches
no nostalgia of triumph
a grey beard whistling a forgotten tune
by the department store
hat overturned at his foot

at home, with plucked string and feather
maw of a dog
and resounding silence of woman
I practice folk songs
on a spanish guitar
so that one day, I may beg

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