dog on a chain emaciated cow
horse in stable chickens
absent the light of day
strolling the morning glades, I’m not so
a man atop the food chain

who is free whose hand touches a living thing
turning it to stone?

the dog has his dog bowl a bumper to pee on
square yard of space to shit
and sit

the horse can turn a circle, maw
on a haystack
lay asleep near his companion fence

the chickens
can lay egg
after egg
after egg
in darkness

who is Godly whose hand touches a breathing thing
siphoning its breath?

can there be a God of death?

women of Arabian steppe veiled in black
as a blue sky behind a
celebrating victories lame
as tossed off caps
while men play soccer on open

who does not see the anklets attached?
men to their stones
dogs to their bowls

women in ten pound robes!

who does not apprehend this burdensome
human chain?
to all it subjugates
at the speed of its
combined weight

bottom feeding
through corral gates

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