Every teffelin is a burden

Here I am with you
wrestling with you
waiting and comprehending
limning with the zeal
laboring the excess
calling after you–
after You!

Here I am
sojourning images of youth
citadels and trapdoors
all hedges uniform
plying instruments
maligned by neglect
thrumming through closets
of useless clothes

I’m waiting for the niggun
to accept words of its liking
sate in the delights of singing
unchain intelligence from leisure
drown in gullets of wine
wash imperatives out nostrils and ears
summons a God
oversee a death
a sacrifice, likely—

My feet are firm in rippling pools
breasts hover the earth
I’m the sailor ported
loading and unloading pallets
sustained by the yearning
of foreign coasts
a danger
only the sea knows
enchanting as the breeze
a homeless gull

Capricious bobber—
the wave seizes the bow
of a tender lifeboat, surely
others will follow

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