The Pond’s Joyful Croaking, Haiku Sonoma 2014

Haiku, Winter Ango 2014
Sonoma Mountain

The solitary quince
Its petals much brighter
In morning fog

Afternoon showers
Even the drops find it hard
Letting go the leaves

The rooftops can rest
Not even the rooster will wake them
After so much rain

No room for a solo
Frog orchestra
Down by the pond

Outside the library
A hummingbird
Deep in quince blossoms

After winter rains
Deep ruts wander off
The downward path

Searching for my footprints
Going back the way I came
Can’t find them

Such a night
Stopping long enough to see
The moon seeing me

Look who’s arrived
Even the moon cannot resist
Crazy frog song

After a walk with his dogs
Ashes remain
Where his life was

Heartfelt words at breakfast:
They practice hard, get soft
Then fade away

Still and silent
The rusty pond
Empty of frogs

Ejo’s gleeful run
Where’d he get that from?
Wide open and plain

Damian’s hat
He found it in his sleeve
Where else could it be?

Before and after
The pond’s joyful croaking
Still it moves

Buddha repose
Under naked branches
Someone raked away the bramble

Racing to fetch a book
Deer still distinguishing
The grass from gravel

Stopped by the pond
Its subtle movement
Nothing happens

The old farmhouse
How many times it’s witnessed
This quiet sunset

Back to the sun
My shadow grazes
With the valley cows

Not satisfied looking
Leaping the barbed fence
To sit with horsetails

Losing one sunset
Finding another
100 yards downroad

This silence not so
Without tweet tweet
Vroom vroom!

Moments before Hossen
Graceful flight of vultures
Above the dharma hall

Flapping goose wings
What does he have to hold onto
Up so high

The part left out
Always the greater part—
Such a perfect day!

So many sangha members!
The grass giving the sun
Back its light

The party dispersed
A child’s simple laughter
Sun over mountain

The sacred grove
Holly oaks mingling
Their crusty branches

Final zazen
Slow walk under stars
I could kiss the moon

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