Dropping Under the Eaves, Haiku Falenica 2013

Haiku, Summer Ango 2013
Falenica, Poland

Little clouds
Take only one flight
Then hit the ground

Birds don’t plan their showers
In stillness
Their sudden song

Strolling yonder
He comes back with full hands
Fresh mint leaves

Like an old friend
The gradual sun
Fills up zendo hall

Speak up!
The wind and rain
Have come to hear you

Dropping under the eaves
The sight and sound
Such pleasure

The blue spruce
At the end of the path
Shining after rain

After a storm
The softest part of the song
In drooping branches

Suddenly the sun
After so much rain
Our tall shadows

By the front steps
The violet blossoms
Sing from their trumpets

Grey and silent
Magpies in tall spruces
They come and go

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