Matthew Krasner is a writer and teacher in either order. His works are drawn from his experience in the classroom and his expatriate existence in Poland. He was born and raised in Potomac Maryland and earned his Masters degree in Liberal Arts from the St. John’s College in Santa Fe New Mexico. Currently, he is the Principal at the International American School of Warsaw, where he teaches literature and Creative Writing to middle and high school students. He also publishes his work on, a great site for writers and readers who wish to interact with each other.

The site,, is a virtual entryway to the classroom. Here you will find fictionalized dialogues, collections of poems and wisdoms, which take the germ of teaching and let it bloom. This writing license has been passed on, teacher to student. The site is therefore well littered with the works of young people, mostly poems and short stories.

You will also find information about course offerings in Creative Writing and the .b Mindfulness program. In tandem, the programs give students practice in being still and tapping into their own creative source.

The door to the classroom swings, never closes, though it tends to hit the jams in harsh measure, making the distinctive clanking sound, which to this teacher is a brass bowl singing….ding, ding, ding!

Welcome to the swingdoorclanks…

swingdoorclanks writers’ club

.b Mindfulness

Contact Matthew at:

+48 693182427


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