The following maxims capture moments of ah, hah-hah, and wahh. Mostly ah….

The set counts are rather arbitrary, but do form a collective breathe:

Set 1: Breathe out

Set 2: Touch the floor

Set 3: Follow body down

Set 4: Empty in womb

Set 5: Breath in

Set 6: Lift yourself up

Set 7: Being tall

Set 8: Begin again

Set 9: Let go

Set 10: Drop the body off

Set 11: Collapse

Set 12: Grounded

Set 13: Rock forward

Set 14: Little push

Set 15: Upward swing

Set 16: Clear mind, clear mind, clear mind

Set 17: Resistance

Set 18: Pain in knees

Set 19: In folds

Set 20: Perfectly deflated

Set 21: Get up

Set 22: Air rising

Set 23: All aligned

Set 24: Momentum arms

Set 25: Still breathing

Set 26: Gravitational pull

Set 27: Not prayer

Set 28: Fetally young

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