swingdoorclanks writers club

Creative Writing Workshop for Teens

swingdoorclanks is a poetry and prose workshop that engages the innate creative expression within each individual. The 10 week course is designed to tap the keen intelligence of teens, while goading them through the false pretenses of adolescence. Workshops mirror the traditional writing circle, where members learn how to share and critique each other’s work in a supportive and challenging environment.

The course is comprised of 7-8 weeks in poetry and 2-3 weeks in short prose. The weekly workshop is broken into three areas: 1) timed writing exercises designed to unlock language and living detail; 2) sharing and criticism of ongoing work; 3) study of poets, authors, genres (classical and contemporary) and methods in preparation for the weekly assignment. The end result of the semester is to accumulate enough finished work to complete a small “chapbook” and participate in a public reading. The end result of these acts is validation for the writer’s work and a benchmark for future growth.

Workshops are offered for high school diploma seeking students (ages 15-19). IBO students can apply their class hours as part of their CAS portfolio.

See the swingdoorclanks.wordpress.com blogsite to follow along with current workshops.

All experience levels welcome (though English proficiency required).

Course dates
Spring semester to be determined

680zl per semester

Mood Cafe, ul. Niepodleglosci. Walking distance from Metro Raclawicka. 6pm-8pm.

Contact and Registration
Send email and two poems to: swingdoorclanks@hotmail.com or contact by phone at +48 693182427

About the teacher

Matthew Krasner is a writer, poet and experienced teacher of creative writing for both adolescents and adults. He received his Masters degree in Liberal Arts from the St. John’s College in Santa Fe New Mexico and studied with Anne Waldman at the Naropa University of Fine Art in Boulder Colorado. His teaching methods were birthed at Naropa where the rule of the day was “first thought, best thought”. His teaching practice spans twelve years and is guided by spontaneity, humor and a knack for opening students to their own talents.

Matthew is currently the Faculty Head at the International American School of Warsaw. He teaches courses in IBO English, creative writing, and .b Mindfulness.

Some of his written work is collected here at the swingdoorclanks.com site.

Contact information
+48 693182427

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