Edda Chaves

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Men and Women

Our different ideas, our different activities, and our different topics
we are all the same inside
it might be that boys have more feelings
it might be that girls are stronger than they are
it’s hard to believe that a man is more fragile than he looks
it’s also hard to believe that girls are stronger than they should be
as far as our minds are
it feels like we are in Jupiter and men in Mars
it feels like we speak a different language
it’s hard to understand them, or is it hard to understand us?
feels like they speak Chinese and we speak Latin
far from all this imperfection, somehow some of
us fall in love
as different as we are, we still make a puzzle
we all have one that fits
as far and different as we are
we still unite like one picture
that gives hope to the unloved.


Oh freedom, how I’ve lost you now.
Technology has taken you away from my once warm hands.
I miss those days when I played in the yard.
Like a bird that can’t fly because u became
My heavy burden outside–
Nothing more than a box with wires and a disc.
Oh freedom, how I’ve lost you now.
No more peaceful silence but a light in the dark
With small musical sounds–

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