Farouk El-Shawaf

I Remember

Second grade
We were sitting in a circle on the floor
When I heard a knock on the door.
The principle walked in,
He announced:
You’ve got a new classmate.

What? How?
We’re already a quarter through the year,
Said my head.
Then he ushered you in.
Little did I know that day
That we would be great friends.

I remember that year
I got locked in a closet,
And you summoned help.

I remember that year,
We ran from a teacher
Ran down the hall,
Louder than a parade.

And in 3rd grade,
I had to leave,
Two years it would be,
In the Philippines for me.

Then came 5th grade,
‘I’m back, how you feel?’
‘Back in two years?’
‘Yes, back in two years.’

I remember that year
When accidentally,
You shocked me
Then said sorry,
And shared a good laugh.

I remember all-round
The constant smile you had.
You wouldn’t know how to frown,
‘Cause you never felt down.

Then I had to leave,
‘6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade,
Hmm, just four years!’
I said I’ll be back for 10th
That I promise,
I am truly honest.

Don’t frown yet
You’ll only feel down.
Euphoria’s your way.
I’ll be back, just you stay.

Those four years have been
New friends? Yes I have ‘em
But I long for your company.
But the others still very good.

At times I would fret.
Maybe you would forget.
Nah, of course not!
You’re a loyal friend.

Just wait 3 more months,
While the boxes be packed,
The containers on their way
And the plane just waiting for me.
You just wait.

Javier and John

Oh my friends Javier and John,
My two best friends whom are the best,
I’m sorry to say I’ll soon be gone.

Yet we’ve been friends from dusk to dawn,
I still remember everything that in our chest.
Oh my friends Javier and John.

All my friendships are like a pawn.
Doha, Manila and all the rest,
I told the same, I’m sorry to say, I’ll soon be gone.

Like trimming the grass upon the lawn,
It doesn’t matter, it’s for the best.
Oh my friends Javier and john.

Oh all the places to which we’ve gone,
Kamianna, Mazury, the site and Kabaty forest.
But I’m, sorry to say, I’ll soon be gone.

Leaving you and all the others too, is destroying dawn.
Thinking about it, I feel a great weight on my chest.
Oh my friends Javier and John,
I’m sorry to say I’ll so be gone.

M & W

Men and women,
Shall come together,
But unlike then,
When speak they never.

Then the equation:
Man and wife.
You feel the relation,
Like sword and knife.

Then they weave,
The threads of life,
Like Adam and Eve,
Like man and Wife.

So we come together,
And unite forever.

R & P

They want to destroy the country.
How could they?
How asinine must one be to vote for the brotherhood?

So it was one on one,
Ex-minister of aviation, Ahmad Shafeek
Some fool from the Muslim brotherhood, Mohammed Morsi.
They chose the fool.

The Egyptian people should know better.
We’re 85% Muslim and the rest are Christian!
Why vote for the Muslim brotherhood?!
Religion is one thing,
Politics are another!
I mean I love Islam with all my heart,
But Morsi thinks Israel is an ally.

A 65 year old country that stole
The land of good Palestinians
And our Sinai, (but got back with force)
Could NEVER be our ally.

That’s not it.
In Germany, Morsi,
In front of the chancellor
Embarrassed himself along with Egypt
By saying –gaz end alkohol don’t emix.

He licked his finger, to
Flip the pages in an,
Not a book, no…

I congratulate you.
I give you the EE medal,
The Extreme Embarrassment medal.

It won’t be long,
Before I go to jail,
For writing this rant.

Bye guys,
If ever you need me,
I’ll be sitting in a jail cell rotting.

The Ugly Duckling

A quiet day,
A group of ducklings.
I see an ugly duckling.
No waves on the river.

I come back next week.
I see a beautiful white swan.
The peaceful melody of a harp,
Playing off in a distance.
Where is that ugly duckling?

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