Harriet Adeleke

Men and Women

It was hard to live in a dusty day,
Fight for a real, meaningful change.
Nowadays they finally see beyond the hay,
That of which was missing, is now a little strange.

They listened to our hymn, knowing we were right,
Accepting the new range.
It took us a lot of might,
But now we’ve reached a new stage.

Most of this has now become a different scene,
I can’t even imagine how they had to manage.
It was like being forced to wear clothes that were demeaning,
But now, we’ll move on to a new era, knowing we were right.

Accepting it all now without question,
Just being a good person, not even a mention.


You don’t really understand me

There’s a lot to learn about me,
I’m so different from others;
I’m not very unique,
That makes me weird in the eyes of my peers.

I’m but an unbroken vessel flowing here,
Waiting for the right time to explode;
Thinking about every single tear,
I still chose to walk down that road.

I’m more scared of life than you can imagine,
But nobody will understand that I force that smile;
Pretending I’m ok like a new cars engine,
Still trying to walk that mile.

There’s not as much joy as you see,
But I have to make you believe;
Somehow I’m ‘Okay’ even down on my knees,
Now you know, It is almost as fake as a weave.

That of within

Like the wind lifts a leaf
You lift me
The joy is that of another kind
We mould like clay to become one
Only to see the day of which we sought
Never to see
The day a swan loses its wings
That of which is within
My inner soul, rescue me

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