The following prose pieces and haiku were composed either during or in reflection of the ango practice period, and are offerings for the Sonomo Mountain Zen Center and Kannon Sangha in Poland.

Almost Another World, Haiku Kąciki 2017

Still It Contains Light, Haiku Kąciki 2016

Feeding the Fire to be published in Mountain Wind

The Fly’s Buzzing Silenced, Haiku Recz 2014

The Pond’s Joyful Croaking, Haiku Sonoma 2014 published April 2014 in Mountain Wind

Dropping Under the Eaves, Haiku Falenica 2013

Kaciki Clay, August 2013

In Radiant Light published April 2013 in Mountain Wind

Radiant Light Haiku, Sonoma 2013

Never Alone in our Practice published October 2012 in Mountain Wind

Big Heat Haiku, Wilga 2012

Entering Your Life published October 2011 in Mountain Wind

Fan the Sky, Haiku Wilga 2011 published October 2011 in Mountain Wind

Apron’d Buddhas, Haiku Japan 2009

Bamboo Claps Stone, Haiku Japan 2002

The Hobbling Animal, Haiku Santa Fe 2001–

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