Student Work

Following are the best prose and poetry selections from middle and high school students at the International American School of Warsaw. These pieces began as responses to writing prompts that often arrived spontaneously through socratic discussions. The final results demonstrate that the writing practice is still possible in an age of short term attention and film-centric leisure.

Lilla Orly 

There’s my killer queen!

From black and white to gray

Keeping time

The raven’s response

Poems, 2012-2015

Aristianna Voureka 

Meeting the queen of the Nile


Boy in the crate

Dill’s response

Poems, 2012-2015

Nenna Josakweker 

Dreaming is believing

Hungering for something novel

Curly’s revenge

Poems 2012-2014 

Amber Wazacz 

Bloody Mary’s revenge

Reading myself a Hogwart

Poems 2014-2015


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