Meeting the queen of the Nile

by Aristianna Voureka


She had been walking for hours wondering around into the heat having the gross smell of feces and red soil swim in and out her lungs with no sign of either around. The nasty desert had burnt her brain and humiliatingly made her follow unreal trails of water. However she had now reached the pyramids, the camels and the people; as she soon followed the nice tan man who had agreed to take her to Cleopatra. On her way she realized how these beautiful structures made the gibberish math she once saw on books look interesting and worth studying.

Soon later they entered a similarly colored golden structure, the place smelled splendid. Soon enough however it made you dizzy, even though it was stereotypical to think this way…it did smell like girls…like flowers, like steam from long shower, like fruits and like perfumes. Following another servant, she was handed over to, they pushed aside one big purple, almost translucent, curtain and entered the open area with the dazzling aromas and saw the girls from who the giggles were heard earlier. The all wore beautiful clothes which showed a little bit of shoulder, or a little bit of tummy. They all had the common denominator of gold and the heavy, cat eye makeup. Long hair, dancing clothes from curtains, smells, tables with golden pots of food and water leading to the big chair were she sat. A girl with a lonely smile, gazing off to the distance, having two servants by each hand fan her with some big-*** leaves.

Of course it was the one and only Cleopatra. It is inessential to go into detail of how her visitor explained without the beautiful ruler sending her off to dine with the crocodiles that she was from the future…but she did. The ruler walked up to her with a serious face, took her hand and walked her into another room of the golden structure. Her walk was graceful and her dress danced behind her, her skin was pale, her hair was dark but most of all she would never forget the shape of those dark eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes the whole entire world has seen, almond shaped, shimmering just…exotic.

And finally she spoke, “tell me all about it” she said smiling and finally letting her guard down, in the long unheard ancient language, emphasizing every letter sharply with a deep, deep ‘h’, like a cat.

“There are tones…you are a legend!” her visitor exclaimed

“A legend!? Even after being so long gone?”

“Yes! People talk all about you…you have been in movies, books. Even your beauty techniques have echoed to them too! How…you bath in milk, or your famous cat-eyed look, or even your short dark hair with the bangs aka the Cleopatra hairstyle!” the girl was out of breath, “and let’s not forget all about the legends that revolve around you heard and passed down,” the girl managed to finish with a final wink at the end.

“Oh my Lysandra! This is so nice to hear…my story keeps on going!” the outrageously beautiful girl almost sang. “And it is all thanks to you!”

“Why your highness one like you, chosen by the gods, is bound to be remembered,” her secret friend complimented.

“Great well I know we are pushing our luck here but for the last time I want you to go 100 years further in…see what is heard of me and if needed even spread the word of me,” the queen said and for the first time her childish face and ambition showed behind the makeup.

“Yes your majesty…I will…do as you wish,” Lysandra said with a horrible sharp pain in her stomach as the feeling of a bad ending choked her.

Leaving the golden structure in a hurry and taking the first camel she saw, Lysandra…Cleopatra’s ‘visitor’, rode off to the far away temple for her…hopefully ‘last mission’. If only they knew what consequences it would have…

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