Dill’s response

by Aristianna Voureka


“To kill a mockingbird”, yeah I was there…in the book; and guess what I read it all by myself, BY MYSELF. You see I can read; in fact I am a great reader. An old man in Arabia taught me many years ago. It all started when I went to a safari in the depths of South Arabia. He taught me how to hunt and built a shelter with just a few sticks and—oh, I am Charles Baker Harris by the way, but I am sure you know who I am, that is if you can read…folks around here call me Dill. I spend my summers in Maycomb; funny little town that one. I have lots of friends like Jem, Scout…Calpurnia, Atticus and Boo…Boo Radley. Boo is a mythical creature that has haunted Maycomb for centuries! Everyone is afraid of him…but no me! No sir no! Charles Baker Harris is not afraid of no one! Me and Boo are really good friends. But no one knows yet. That’s because Boo is still a bit wild, he used to eat squirrels and hunt people; I caught him once when he was following me. I heard his legs scratch the pavement like scriiiiiitch, scriiiitch, scriiitch , the sound a broken door makes, and I knew by just that sound it was him. I was lucky I had my animal dictionary my mom bought me for my birthday, or else I wouldn’t have been able to talk peace into him. He is in a sort of rehab now that I have created for him. I have been teaching him to speak English and he hasn’t eaten a single squirrel for a month!  I am very proud of him, soon enough he will be hanging out with Jem and Scout too; maybe my parents will even let me keep him and take him with me at Meridian, Mississippi! Then I wouldn’t ask for a baseball or for a book because I would have Boo. We could go to the theater and play baseball together…he could even help me teach a lesson to those murderers at my school! My school, actually my class, is full of assassins! They have tried to kill me a couple of times, but I survived; however I don’t know for how long a can keep them off. I told my mom and even the principal but they both told me to stop daydreaming and actually do something productive other than make up stories. But I know now I am not the only one going through this…Tom, Tom Robbinson had murderers after him too. I swear to God I would have kicked them in head with all….all my might but I didn’t want to upset Scott. That’s why if I had Boo, no one would bother me, things would change, I would walk with him to the parks, climb on trees and spy on people, we could even make a tree house similar to the one Jem and Scout have!

It would be our castle…our own world with our rules! And when I would grow older and become a clown I would have barbeques outside the tree house and make everyone laugh whereas Boo would do magic tricks! No assassins would dare to enter my castle! However we would have to make it much bigger than Jem’s and Scout’s. Jem doesn’t fit in his anymore, he is a giant now! But it is better this way so I and Scout, my bride, can sit there all day and talk about our wedding and our kids. Scout is really beautiful, she is not officially my bride but we both have a deal which shall keep her reserved for me till I find the money to organize our wedding. I was thinking that Jem could be the flower girl; I’d love to see his face when we would announce that to him J I will miss them…Scout and Jem, I feel a punch in my stomach when I think of all the days I will have to wait till next summer. I hate that I only get to see them then, I hate that I only get to see the sun and hear the birds then. Summer is almost over, and Meridian awaits me…I have unfinished business there. My stepdad keeps me locked in an old basement. I survived last time with some raw field peas that a farmer had offered me when he heard my cries. When I gained my strength I broke free from the chains and ran for my life. I had a big journey; it started from an animal show and ended under my loves bed. But it was all worth the try when I saw their faces, when I saw that they had missed me and hadn’t forgotten me. Unlike my parents they heard my story in amusement and had paid me off with the greatest coin, compassion. They fed me, cleaned me and fueled me with happiness. Sometimes I want to ask Atticus to adopt me but then I won’t be able to marry Scout. So I think I can wait a few more years.

Though, I am not so sure about that…as summer evaporates and the days get cooler I feel like my lungs can reach for lesser and lesser air. I think by the end of summer I will be dead so how can I manage to wait? The longest I have stayed without oxygen was when I went to the theater once; by myself since my parents were busy. It was a movie about a lost mermaid that didn’t know where she belonged, in water or in land. When she was under water I tried holding my breath as long as she did …I managed for a hour or so but then air was forced in my burning lungs because half of the people watching the movie where calling a doctor and the other half where around me showing me how to breath. They were all like (showing how they acted); as if I didn’t know. However, it was a nice evening…I met lots of folks. But as I said before it was only an hour, so I don’t know how I will manage to survive without oxygen for the rest of the winter. Maybe if I die it won’t be that bad. Maybe I could move to someone else’s body like Atticus, he seems like a noble man…but then I wouldn’t be able to marry Scout because I would be her father! So would it be worth losing my true love? I mean no one would notice my absence except for Scout and Jem, but I would explain to them. I am sure my parents wouldn’t even bother looking for me; I bet they would even be revealed I am gone. That would be a good way to repay them for everything they have bought me. It would be a present since I cause them nothing more but trouble and noise, they wouldn’t have to worry about me…and maybe they would even be proud of me for once, if I turned into a noble man like Atticus maybe they would agree to move to Maycomb. I would write to them a letter like: Mom, Dad, I know I have done many silly things lately but I want you to know that love you and that all the bad stuff I have done have been just for you, all I wanted was you attention. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore since Dill is now dead and I have transformed to a noble grown-up man. If you want to find me come in Maycomb and ask for Atticus Finch, that is my name now. Everyone knows where I live because I am famous. I will be waiting for you.

Your son,


PS: If you see any suspicious car following you it is the assassins! Get rid of them first and then come. We already have enough of them here…I don’t need extras.

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