Because sometimes

Because the choice is death:
Because you’re holding in too many people
Crying out their dirges
Because laughter, habitual
Laughter does not wear away the stone
Because there is a pearl in your belly
Because autumn breathes in and out and
Regurgitates all past woe
Because you once sailed on cottonwoods and knew
The magic carpet to be real
Too real
Because the fall to seas is
No one is saying I love you on the way down
Because there is no one to share this
Joy with
And everyone to share this joy with
Because simplicity is always a nostalgia
There’s nothing simple about leaves
Falling to the earth and
Because complexity too is a lie
It’s only your mind that ties
Knots and ties
Them harder
Because everything ever lived is
Living now
And the doors to walk through are numberless
And the loves to acquaint with
Vast and fat
Because the fear in choosing this or that
Is a freedom you cannot possibly comprehend
Nor bear
Because ageless watchless demons
Are lonely gods
Who have lost their way
And conspire to ride your back
Because the ghost is within you
Filling the void of faith
With honored fear
And needs more love than you can possibly give
Because the horse you were
Riding on
Is right beside you
A most heartrending creature
Lugging chattels in the rain
Because where horses run free
There are others
And you are the horse
Because the pain in your heart
The urchin anguish
Stooped back, unkempt mind
And magnetic confusion
Keeps you close to the bone
Where the will of a single clove grows
And all horses roam

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