Noah New Symmetry

clear and still
light and fluid
outside walls
capturing light on the surface
hiding foundations in sand
deep and under
remote and near
another kind of air
a paradise
true and elusive
a sentence a question
from the abyss
from suns yet known
the faintest idea
civilization’s tribal drum
stability in the womb
is the middle also the edge?
river and reed
here and now
hollow shoots
making air known
come the songs of birds
how lovely
lovely and free
to roam
to be loose limbs
to burn with aching will
to discover love again
that slow ash making
gift energy
cold ceasing
sluggishly dispersing
molds dead and grassy
as they had not roots to grow
humble ovens
burning inward
birthing genius stones
compact, millions of suns
cooling under wall-less tombs
stillness galaxies
nothing needing
stopped and resting
not for me to say
how long what for
listen and wink
the tinkling and heaving
far away urge
a Nile beating
weight and velocity
moving through me
what wont move

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