Still It Contains Light, Haiku Kąciki 2016

Haiku, Summer Ango 2016
Kąciki, Poland

Sleeping dog
No longer homeless
Dusk arrives

Alone on clothesline
Linen napkin
Showing its age

Butterflies in sunflowers
Wings don’t make a sound
Summer day

Everything sways
In this summer wind
Even the stoic tree trunks

One step too many
Sójka flies off
Taking his song with

Sinking into the ground
Morning rain
Birdcall I’ve never heard before

Tightly bound
Bud of Warszawskie
Before she opens

Each day passing the cow’s skull
Never saying hello
Never saying goodbye

The same height
Maybe a little taller
Tai chi next to sunflower

Late for breakfast
Tenzo smiling
Over a fat pan of eggs

Breeze through window
With wet fingertips
Wake up! Wake up!

All day it rained
Kin hin with pine
Monks never say but it’s wet

From drops
Everything grows
Picking wild berries

Discarding the dish water
Bird remains
In wet pine needles

Little scarab
Climbs his clump of grass
Falling with every effort

Even the back of his head glows
Morning sunflower
Strażnik ogroda!

Yesterday its leaves still green
Fallen birch tree
In a sea of grass

Cutting charcoal in halves
No longer the baby’s cry
Dull moan of blade

Like mammoth pencil tips
Beavers leave their mark
Next to man’s flat edges

Slicing through clay
My shovel undoes
The work of centuries

That thunder
Does not have to be this storm
Strolling through tall grass

Pulling his pants up like I do
Teacher exits forest
After a pee

As far as beyond goes
Crane’s call
Through forest pines

Sharing the same path
For a moment at least
Blackbird and his bright song!

All quiet after storm
Bird’s nest landing
Few feet from my hut

Following the last patch of sun
Young tomato plants
At the field’s edge

Evening bonsho
Forest dweller sings
For his beloved dogs

Staszek sound asleep
At 3 months my teacher
Breaths strong and clear

Outlasting the others
Blackbirds call and response
In empty pines

Smoldering fire
Smoke carried in birch leaves
Remembering my first wife

Stooped over after rain
Warszawskie petals
Bearing the weight of life

Amidst thunder and wind
The crane’s cry—
What a brevity

Having done their work
Clouds look light too
Drifting over meadow

Better than any leash
Forest dweller’s love talk
Pieski Komuniszczy!

Pedaling in with the wind
Dry leaves shake themselves
Loose from the trees

Still it contains light
Empty beetle shell
Shimmering in grass

So many seeds
Monk heads round the zendo

Bird remains
In wet pine needles
And still it rains

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