Almost Another World

Haiku, Summer Ango 2017
Kaciki, Poland

Moon over Kaciki
The birds quiet
Full day zazen

Almost another world
Crane’s call
Awakening from slumber

Swallows mingle above
Following a friend
Through tall bamboo

They get so close sometimes
Yellow finch
In evening leaves

Arriving at the meadow
Swallows singing
In silent wind

The downpour cannot
Get heavier—but it does

Morning zazen
Under a tent
The downpour

Together deciphering a
Common name—Sara
At the abandoned gravesite

Having the sky to themselves
Two swallows
In heavy wind

Coming from nowhere
It shakes the old trees
Summer wind

Clearly they have direction
Small and giant clouds
Marching overhead

Escorting a dying fly
Through the same exit
As the men

The stillness so
Because of the storm before
Summer evening

Approaching the same gate
Two monks pass over
A dying fly

Such sweet distance
The crane’s call
Morning evening–afternoon!

Everything under the sun
Is one

So much like thoughts
Swallows in evening sky
Coming and going

3 ducks
cruising in the lake
before and after the storm

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