Matthew Krasner leads regular workshops in Creative Writing and .b Mindfulness in Warsaw. In tandem, the programs are designed to give people tools to manage their attention, gain practice in being still and tapping into their own creative source. Details are offered below:

Creative Writing

.b Mindfulness

About the teacher

Matthew Krasner is a writer, poet and experienced teacher of Creative Writing for both adolescents and adults. He received his Masters degree in Liberal Arts from the St. John’s College in Santa Fe New Mexico and studied with Anne Waldman at the Naropa University of Fine Art in Boulder Colorado. His teaching methods were birthed at Naropa where the rule of the day was “first thought, best thought”. His teaching practice spans fifteen years and is guided by spontaneity, humor and a knack for opening students to their own talents.

Matthew is currently the Principal at the International American School of Warsaw. He teaches courses in Literature and Creative Writing.

In 2015, Matthew received his certification to lead .b Mindfulness courses. These courses are taking hold throughout the United Kingdom and the world, helping people to build greater attention and self awareness.

Contact information
+48 693182427

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