Radiant Light Haiku, Sonoma 2013

Haiku, Winter Ango 2013
Sonoma Mountain

Gazing straight into the sun
No one here
Just me

Deep in wisdom
Lifting my head
Three deer

Building, building, building
Wind within trees—
My mind!

Sun fading
Behind the mountain
Only a fool goes looking

First sun
After morning rain
Quince in bloom

Idling to the laundry
Those crazy Van Gogh trees
In morning light

Fuzzy holly oaks
Soft landing
For morning jay

The mysterious world
Within the holly oak
Little jay song

Finally he shows himself—
Little jay
Making all that noise

Work done
Forks cleaning bowls
Roosters quiet

27 bathers
All so mossy!
Holly oaks dance in the sun

Strolling the gravelly road
After dokusan
Grapes yet to appear on their vines

Pulling weeds by the laundry
Sudden loneliness
Yesterday my blue jay

Darkness within dark
Tripping over the same rock
Both coming and going

Too bright for my eyes
Pink quince
In morning light

Almost a dream—
Deer, beyond the garden
Share breakfast with us

If the rooster would just shut up
Sound of the raker
In bamboo

These oaks reach everywhere
But up!
Sunlight through the ravine

Noticing but not stopping
The bird remains
Crushed in grass

Almost a rainbow
Arcing holly oaks
Side by side

Spring wind
Yellowing bamboo patch
Someone raking

Sirening birds
Crowd the telephone wire
Crazy wisdom service

Grape trees
Shrug their shoulders
They’ve seen this light before

The distant hillside
Horses grazing
They don’t move

Sipping my tea
Ceiling lamp in my bowl
Let it be the moon

Dragging brush to the ravine
No longer resisting
Bird feathers in grass

Uphill, from the laundry
Oh the sloping vineyards—
The radiant light!

The outermost shovel
Swaying in the wind
The one inside remains still

Inching towards dusk
Rooster sound in mountain
Clarifying the great matter

1000 haiku already!
Not another—
Demonstrative rooster

A time to work, a time to rest
I’ve forgotten the day
Songbirds munch in the grass

Hot enough to take off my coat
The bare oak trunk
Bathing in sun

Zen doors swing open
The sudden cold
Moments before supper

Now appearing
Now disappearing
Chimney smoke in forest light

More deliberate than birds
Sangha members peck
At warm chocolate cake

Soft enough to hear
Woodpecker bores his own bowl
Morning orioki

Laying on his back
His child sees my child
Morning lego smile

That dharma smile
Greets dharma words
In a big dharma kiss

His silence as apparent
As his sound
Roosters sleep at noon

Before the frog croaking
Sound of stream
But it’s not there

Drawn to the tree thicket
The single bird’s tweet
There he is

Budding quince
In early spring
She knows when to open

The empty meadow
Stooped over a stick
Once we played fetch

Their wild quacking
Lifts my body to the sky
Two ducks over the valley

Lifting the mossy log
100 legs coordinated in fear
Nothing I say will help

Above me
Two vultures circling
The dispassionate moon

In the garden
Some buds open, others closed
Same quince bush

The weight of emptiness:
Floorboards embracing
Under naked feet

First day no sun
Fog looms over mountain
Everyone gets wet

Winding at dusk
The path in both directions
No on walks upon it

Reading Suzuki Roshi
Breeze outside
Breeze inside

Can I learn to love the quiet
As much I love the wind?
Not while the wind is blowing!

A sapling I can relate to
Waiting to bloom
Others losing their petals

The forest singing—
More wind, more wind!
Give us direction!

Plunging uphill
Gusts sail over
His hooded head

The immovable trunks!
Give leaves their freedom
Gale winds at dusk

Before dawn
Rain stills
The solemn trees

On the gravel path
Soaked in rain
The first orange of spring

Yesterday’s buds
Gone today
White blossoms in sun

The four vows still
Ringing my head
At last—the moon!

All out of haikus!
The cat still by the door
Still meowing

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