The Hobbling Animal, Haiku Santa Fe 2001–

Sundry Haiku, Santa Fe 2001-2006

Spring night [haru no yoru]
Outside a bell [suzunaru soto no]
The dog sleeping [inu ga neru]

Wind on my face [kao ni kaze]
Snow covered trail [michi no yuki kana]
Not yet spring [haru tachinu]

Passing in the snow [tori yuki]
So many footprints [ashi ato no michi]
Strangers all [tannin kana]

Silly dog [hen na inu]
In falling snow [huru yuki no naka]
Bye-bye! [sayonara]

Through the chimney [haru kaze ya]
Spring wind enters [entosu nukete]
Hear the satori [satori kiku]

Spring storm [haru kaze ya]
The house echoes [ie hibiku kana]
No more rice wine [sake monashi]

Impossible! [hukano uka]
Sun over the rooftops [hi ga yane no ue]
Not a sound [chinmoku no]

Dried in the sun [kawaku tsuchi]
A small corpse [chiisai shigai]
Now what is it? [ima nanika]

Spring moon! [mi ni ii ko(u)]
Come and see [yama ni suwaru wa]
Sitting atop the mountain [haru no tsuki]

Moon stars everywhere
Ants under foot

Old blows of doubt
Storm written
In still cloud

Her simple remark
Springs all my affections
Passing jogger

Knowing when to die
The hobbling animal
At forest edge

Songbirds in disguise
Call and response
Of mountain pines

Poor toiling ant
He knows no better than I
Where to go

All day waiting
For her to receive
My flowers

Listening to old records
The dawn outside
Another world

Car sound fading
Across the avenue
Caroling sparrows

Observing no gates
Song on every leaf

Flailing butterfly
In spring breeze

The dog in creek bed
Others behind fences
Unable to meet

Rapt in moonlight
Which are the trees
And which the shadows?

Blushing at my window
The red flower
Newly bloomed

Spring sun!
White pines glisten
The quiet mountain

The sun’s glare
Peeking through pine branches
Woodpecker sound

Foggy morning thoughts
Dog never tires
Leaping at crows

Two birds spring from a branch
My heart torn
Walking on

Piping to myself
The curvy trails
The haiku mountain!

Stopping to listen
Heart-sound in my ears
Nearing summit

Suddenly the sun
Pink adobes, green fields
Moments before dusk

Plodding ancient bowers
The bird’s warning caw
With the dinosaurs

Arriving at the zen center
Car horn sounds
An accident

Dead bird
Stamped in the mud
Its orange feathers

Spring porch
A dog and master
One of them farts

New Mexican spring
Above the arroyo
Watching the grass grow

Two swirling hawks
A world removed from me
Straining to see

Crow buzzing the ears
The young dog
Gets last laugh

Feeling sad
A crow’s haunting “maw!”
Upwards, the moon

Evening haze
Water running over rocks
The sound it makes

Keeping to the muddy banks
Yesterday a dream
Evening of rain

Inside four walls
The wind’s a riddle
I can’t hear

Pissing in tall grass
Behind dark fences
Symphony of dogs

Walking the wadi
My rhetoric incites
The croaking of a crow

Low overcast skies
Old couch
In the sandy ravine

Dried riverbed
No water to conceal
Sculptures of rock

Spring doors rattling
Day dreams indoors
How many winds?

Dozing through a simoon
Dog next to me

How free my mutt
Preparing for morning walk
I must put on shoes!

Amid tall pines
Searching for the
Woodpecker sound

Tired dog
Bathing in the sun
Restraining my affection

Split open earth
Love that cannot be repaired
Still loving

Any person anyone
24 hours open
Most the time robbed

Three centuries old
Adobe sprawling sky

Serenity in love
Guitar there, books there
Collecting dust

Suddenly hail
Scattering men
Who scatters them?

Piercing through dreams
The lone bird’s

Losing its color
Like an autumn leaf
The dying fish

You’re right I’m wrong
Morning recital
Marriage vows

Singing in shower
Forgetting the words

May winds carry
The last tulip petals

Lacing an old pair of shoes
Same old traps

Around the bend
Treetop squawk!
Pang of nature

Another day
This old earth
Showing new colors

Avoiding the anthills
Near impossible
But I try

Roosted from bed
My wife next to me
Putting on her socks

Summer heat
Pacing his stable
A lone white horse

Between the wind and bird calls
Trees bending

Remote trail
Alarmed at the peak
A house!

Morning walk
Stopping to bury a corpse
I passed before

Lotus position
Struggling in the sun
A bluebird comes

Up close a raven
His thick brows
Meeting mine

Songbird in bare tree
Serenades himself
Then flies away

The wind escorts
A pale yellowing leaf
The real journey

Young boys and girls
Yellow and green—mingling
The September tree!

Silence of the hill
Winds marching East and West
War and peace—

Mourning love
Stunned, two birds above
Wing on wing

My house, your house
We all receive
Sun in the windows

This tall woman
A full moon resting
On the dark mountain

Beautiful day
Not one thought
Cereal for breakfast

Old Santa Fe trail
Dog asleep
Coated with rain

Cross above adobe
The white paint
Chipping the sky

San Miguel mission
Oldest in States
No sign for the pine

The third woman
To stumble and trip
By the water meter

Sharing the same roots
Straight and jagged pines
No room to argue

Next to nature
Philosophy seems
A child’s toy

Jemez Indian
Beer breath
Guardian of water

Numberless in trees
Morning song
On every leaf

Potting an ivy
She says it’s rooting
But will need a larger bed

The lone white birch
Amongst a nation of pines
Him I talk to

Racing through hail
Clinging to names
As they could protect me

The magpie not conscious
Of his missing foot
The one he’s got makes him hop

The soft current
Tinkles into a pond
Leaving its sound behind

At the clearing
A dog with drenched paws
Committed to scent

The mountain stream
Births a thousand elms
Without memory

Dead willow branches
Bear the scars
Of separation

Stalled on the trail
A dead bird
Tomorrow the spring

Autumn rain
Same call upon my lips
To be brave today

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