My masters

1. Dickinson Curtseys on the Corner

I am insurgent—
Suddenly capture
two ladies gay
in Laughter—
spilling out their mugs—
cable car ascending
California street
tailing in the wind,
its Bell—

I live in the poet’s realm—
an undignified
of cues—
Experience rifles through—
it plays me like
a Lute—
I speak Nothings
most the time,
aware of the song
to come

2. Pushups with Walt Whitman

Behold this day!
And the deadened to follow
Behold the ship as it sails or swallows!
Behold the ship!
The rusted planks and oval bottom,
Threaded mast and wayward captain!
Behold the sea! Behold the sky!
Floats a melody
Somewhere inside

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